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but the sun’s warm embrace is nothing compared to yours…
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"The book was written with such youth and exuberance and joy that the kind of speed that the film is paced at kind of works for that atmosphere. There was a draft prior to the shooting draft, where it was even faster, and there was even less room to breathe.”

(Joe Wright, Director)


 Anna Karina in a promotional picture from Jean-Luc Godard’s Vivre sa Vie (1962)
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Roof Gardens in Rome

Romy Schneider & Alain Delon in La Piscine, 1969
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Pierrot le fou (1965)

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Happy seventy-first birthday, Mick.
↳ July 26, 1943.

Marilyn interviewed at the LA Airport Lounge, February 25, 1956. Having spent 1955 in the northeastern region of U.S., Marilyn returned to Hollywood to film ‘Bus Stop.’


John and Yoko learned as they went along, searching the wisdom of the centuries for guidance, 1969. By Gerry Deiter.
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